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1. What is SEO?
A. Way to increase traffic on your website
B. Process to improve the visibility of your website on search engines
C. Coding Language
D. Something Extremely Offensive
2. What is the "secret recipe" for turning websites into search results?
A. Keywords
B. Meta Tags
C. Algorithm
D. Search Engines
3. The video says that the key to higher rankings is making sure your site has all the necessary ingredients for a search engine "recipe" - What does the "ingredients" represent?
A. Search Terms
B. Search Engine Optimization
C. Algorithm
D. Links
4. What are some of the ingredients in a search algorithm?
A. Keywords, Titles, Links, Words in Links, Reputation
B. Titles, Links, Word Stuffing, Social Media, Traffic
C. Keywords, Links, Search Engines, Search Results
D. Keywords, Anchor Text, Brown Sugar, Flour
5. The following technology can be used to block a search engine from reading your website HTML source files and web pages.
A. Panda
B. Web Blocker
C. Matt Cutts Cream
E. The Cloud
6. Your geographic location is a factor in where your web page listing appears in search engine results.
A. True
B. False
7. The following technology is said to have a positive impact on search engine rankings:
A. Pop-up Ads
B. META Keywords Tag
C. Paid Twitter Followers
E. Blockchain
8. What does a site need to be considered a Reputable Site?
A. Consistent and Engaging Content
B. Fresh Content
C. Growing Numbers of Quality Links
D. All of the Above
9. The following factor is considered to be a ranking factor in Google:
A. Web page speed
B. Marketing budget
C. Company size
D. Quality score
E. Image file type (JEPG, GIF, PNG, etc.)
10. Mobile-friendliness of a website is a key ranking factor on Google.
A. True
B. False

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